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‘Dodgeball’ is one of the BEST underdog movies in the history of cinema. 

If you’re looking for a real David vs. Goliath tale, it’s got everything.

The down n’ outs of Average Joe’s Gymnasium, going up against the corporate might of Globo Gym…

And coming out on top.

Whoops, guess I should have prefaced that with ‘spoiler alert.’

Anyway, regardless of the outcome, it’s an incredible film.

And Average Joes win, despite having a whole lot going against them.

They don’t have the fittest players.

They don’t have the fanciest uniforms.

And they don’t have the most expensive facilities.

But what they do have is heart.

It sounds cheesy to say…

But heart really DOES play a huge role in sporting success.

There are very few athletes who’ve made it to the top, who haven’t had grit, courage, and a love for their sport.

They’ve had a deeper reason than just wanting to win for the sake of winning.

And that’s something we try to encourage here at Brownlee Fitness.

Of course, we do make sure we’re 100% up to date with the science of nutrition and training.

Our coaches write the most incredible, in-depth programs.

And we really do look at the technical details, and how all our athletes can make marginal gains.

But we also try to instill heart, and a sense of fun in everything we do.

For one thing, what point is there in training hard if you’re not also enjoying the process?

But secondly, having a sense of adventure, excitement and fun really does kick your performance up a notch.

So if you’re looking for a cold, calculated team of coaches who treat you more like a number on a spreadsheet than a person, we’re probably not for you.

But if you take your training and performance seriously, yet at the same time you -


  • See exercise as more than just taking a few seconds off your PB

  • Value community, friendship, and helping others win

  • Want to play “all out” so you can make the most of your human potential, and have fun along the way…

You should probably check out Plans+.

This is where Olympic level coaching meets unrivalled levels of triathlon community spirit. 

We’d absolutely love to have you.

And we promise we won’t throw a wrench at you when you join.

Just a ‘Dodgeball’ reference there.


If you didn’t get that, definitely watch the film.

Actually, check out Plans+ first, then watch the film.

Have a great day.


Brownlee Fitness


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