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Brownlee Fitness and TRI247 Team-up to deliver Beginner Training Plans

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Whether you are a beginner or experienced athlete taking up triathlon, training for multiple sports is important to get right.

We’ve partnered with TRI247 to make sure there’s a duathlon / triathlon training plan for their readers, whether they are targeting a super sprint, sprint or olympic distance event.

TRI247 provides in-depth and independent coverage of triathlon at all levels and distances.

With well over a decade covering the sport in detail, their reporters and columnists aim to provide insight and colour around everything in terms of swim, bike and run.

Whatever the triathlon distance – from short-course Olympic races through middle distance right up to Ironman, TRI247 cover the biggest triathletes and the biggest stories every day.

You can learn more by visiting our beginner plans page


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