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Alcohol and Performance

We’ve all been there… a few drinks with your friends, at the pub, at dinner or even at a party, lets face it, it's great to unwind, relax, no one is denying that.

But when it comes to athletic performance, you might want to think again about drinking Alcohol – or at least the timing around important training sessions.

That’s because alcohol affects your performance. But do you know why?

Essentially, alcohol reduces your glycogen uptake and storage, meaning that you are less able to use your normal fuel source to perform your training.

It’s also detrimental to protein synthesis – which then affects your ability to build muscle, recover from training and adapt to the sessions that you are doing. On top of this, it has an impact on your central nervous system, making you more sluggish and less able to make decisions.

No wonder you can’t push as hard as you want or breakthrough that time barrier. So for those of you who are training for upcoming races, think carefully about the drinks that you are consuming.

Switch to alcohol-free drinks, and save the bubbly to celebrate when it’s all over.

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