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5 steps to Learning to Breathe better for Front Crawl

Do you find yourself struggling for air at higher paces, or in oxygen debt constantly when swimming, which might be holding you back with your front crawl?

You might be breathing in late, not exhaling enough underwater, kicking and bending your knees too much, and over-rotating when breathing. Here are some front crawl faults and drills to correct:

Front Crawl Breathing Faults

1. Lead arm dropping

2. Legs not kicking straight from the hips

3. A short exhale and late breathe out

4. Rotating from the head and shoulders, not the hips

5. Timing out of synch for arms

6. Legs and hips too low

7. Lifting head up to breathe

Drills to correct

1. Swim with your ear placed on your shoulder whilst gliding

2. Kicking with legs straighter from your hips

3. Fully exhaling 80% out through mouth and nose using your diaphragm

4. Performing a long axis body roll through 45 degrees each side being core driven from your hips

5. Keep your head still, looking down, with the water line at the top of your goggles, whilst pressing your sternum into the water (your buoy)

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