Perfect 10

Designed to give you the perfect balance of swim, bike and run over a 10 week period

Whether you want to do a 10k in a few weeks time, be ready to race your friends on Zwift or enter a triathlon last minute, this plan covers it all.

Aimed at people training 4-10 hours a week and based on 3 aerobic, 3 interval and 3 threshold sessions for each discipline per week, you can juggle the sessions around to suit your current training load. To help this we've selected 3 key sessions each week to help you plan, so if you're struggling for time you can pencil those in first.

We've also added strength and conditioning to the plan using exercises created by the Brownlee's very own S&C coach, Dane Mitchell. Each week has 20 minutes specifically dedicated to EACH triathlon discipline, and so if you can't commit to an hour of gym in one go, you can spread it throughout the week. Each exercise has a Youtube link to guide you.

Weeks 4 and 8 are lighter to allow your body to adapt to the training effects and at the end of week 10 you will be in perfect shape for that race day experience.

An all-round plan that can be undertaken at any time of year.

The PERFECT 10 plan is ideal for both Sprint & Olympic distance Triathlon, but also for any triathlete that wants to stay fit all year round.

Brownlee Fitness strongly recommends that you consult with your physician and other medical professionals before beginning any training plan.

Plan Cost £80