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Expert care easily accessible via your mobile

Our Partnership with Optimi offers you preferred rates, making elite sports medicine accessible and affordable for our squad.

Download the Optimi app now and join the rest of our squad in accessing elite sports medicine.


Enter the code BROWNLEE to ensure you take advantage of our special rates. 


We’ve partnered with Optimi Health to provide you with access to clinically elite sports medicine, used by today’s top professional athletes.

Sports medicine is a specialist area of healthcare focused on improving human performance and on preventing and treating injuries. It’s an essential component for anyone looking to optimise their performance and health.


Optimi are experts in their field. Their clinical thinking is led by the former Head of Medical Performance at the New South Wales Waratahs and by the current Head Doctor of the Australian Rugby Team. They are backed by elite athletes and top medical professionals so you know you’re receiving the very best care possible.

The Optimi app offers you

Prehab Programs 

Science based, customised prehab programs designed to improve your movement quality and increase your resilience to injury.


Treatment Programs 

Clinically proven injury treatment plans to help you manage and recover from common injuries as fast and as safety as possible. 

1:1 access to leading experts

Book telemedicine appointments and ongoing remote support from a highly select group of sports medicine professionals, trusted by top athletes, sports and military organisations


Track meaningful biomarkers

Track and monitor key markers of performance, health and wellness. Over time, Optimi willl help you understand and act on these

Educational Content 

Understand the latest research on performance, health and longevity so you can apply it to your own training and lifestyle.

Evidence based and proven in elite sport

Optimi is a team of clinicians, scientists, former athletes and veterans and their goal is to give you the most advanced and informed care possible. 

Get fixed fast from injury

Brownlee Fitness offers  you access to Optimi Health, a digital sports and exercise medicine platform that combines expert human care with advanced intelligent technology.

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