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Can I still train with my club

Yes, if you belong to a club but you want to follow our training plan / methodology we encourage people to always train together where possible. We understand Triathlon can be very solitary - that's why we created the squad. 

Can I miss a session and train with a friend

Yes absolutely, when you're on a rolling programme or a specific race plan, you can always step outside the plan - training first and foremost has to be fun, you should never feel like your on your own .

What happens when I enter a race

Alistair and Jonny work on a 2 week rolling plan and this is adjusted closer to races. So we will always adapt based on your race events. 

Is the Training Plan specific to me

The plan is built on a 20 year methodology used by Alistair and Jonny - it's proven to deliver results. The plan only changes based on specific race events, if you're injured or coming back from injury. 

How do you collaborate and share

We have monthly video meets to answer key questions, a Facebook group for sharing our training journey and a broadcast WhatsApp group for general announcements.

What if I can't make a session

The rolling plan allows you to fit your training around life, we want to make it as easy as possible to stick to our plans and achieve consistent training. To make it easier, you have the ability to move sessions around to suit your work/life balance.

Do I get regular check-ins

We have monthly video meets, facebook groups and the ability to email our coaching team with specific questions relating to your training progress. 

What if I get injured

Simply contact us on the Squad WhatsApp and we will work with you to adjust your plan accordingly. 

Can I meet up and train with other squad members

Yes, we absolutely encourage that and this can be organised via the Squad WhatsApp group. We also run our weekly virtual training sessions. You can book a session anytime here. 

Do I need experience

Don’t worry if you’re new to triathlon, we have the experience and technology to tailor the intensity & volume of the session specifically for you. Don’t underestimate the importance of enjoying your training, through the community we’re building here you will have access to exclusive enhancements which take the monotony out of endurance training 

What's the commitment

The plan will be between 8-15 hours depending on what you're training for with built in flexibility to move sessions around to cater for everyday life events. 

How is the plan delivered

We currently use Training Peaks which equips you with a training dashboard  you can delve into as deeply as you wish, and we’ll support you by providing -Training metrics compatible with all devices and training zones specific to you with the  option to share your sessions via Strava & other 3rd party apps. Training Peaks also offers post workout analysis, including achievements met, power, heart rate and RPE.  


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