The Duathlon Sprint and Standard Distance Squad - is aimed at athletes looking to improve their training and race performance.

We feel the Duathlon Squad is appropriate for beginners, intermediate & advanced Duathletes and is also a great foundation for those wanting to ultimately step up to achieving a personal best or Age Group Qualification.

2 week rolling plan
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The Squad offers you a plan which shows your upcoming 2 weeks of training through Training Peaks (which is included in your subscription). Your upcoming sessions will always show you 2 weeks ahead to allow you to fit your training around life, we want to make it as easy as possible to stick to our plans and achieve consistent training. To make it easier, you have the ability to move sessions around to suit your work/life balance.

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The Plan

Mark Buckingham (Head Coach), Alistair & Jonny have all written the sessions and will continue to populate your plan bringing you their critical sessions.


Don’t worry if you’re new to Duathlon, we have the experience and technology to tailor the intensity & volume of the session specifically for you. Don’t underestimate the importance of enjoying your training, through the community we’re building here you will have access to exclusive enhancements which take the monotony out of endurance training


The Duathlon plan will be 8-15 hours (during race season this may increase slightly for those building up to a longer distances).

Regular Check In 

We will be hosting regular online Q&A sessions where you will have our complete attention focused on your training queries, adjustments we recommend and a behind the scenes look at our training week too. Furthermore, squad members can also join our weekly ride on Zwift. Our bikes are hooked up to cameras and discord to truly be with you for a quality session

Free Online App 

Training Peaks equips you with a training dashboard  which you can delve into as deeply as you wish, and we’ll support you by providing -Training metrics compatible with all devices, Training zones specific to you. The option to share your sessions via Strava & other 3rd party apps. Post workout analysis, including achievements met or not quite yet via your choice of parameter (e.g. power, heart rate, RPE or all of them). Expert knowledge to optimise your training.


The subscription cost to join the Duathlon Squad is £70pm.

You also get access to discounted Squad Kit