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Triathlon Plan

This is the Triathlon Plan! Where Olympic level coaching meets structured Triathlon training programmes that deliver results.  

Dynamic Personalised Training

Welcome to our Triathlon Plan

Proven training programmes, calibrated to your race distance, experience and lifestyle.

"The Triathlon training plan is designed for individuals who enjoy training and racing within a supportive community while adhering to a personalised, structured training plan."

Over 350+ Workouts 

Designed and developed by Alistair & Jonny

All in one subscription

The only training subscription you will ever need.

Select a race specific plan

Tell us what race you've entered and we'll build you a specific plan

Train with a specific focus

Want to improve your run speed, bike power of swimming efficiency, select a plan with a focus 

Once completed maintain

Once you've completed a plan or a race you can opt for a maintenance schedule,  train with a specific focus or switch plans

Plans+ For Triathletes
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Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans including triathlon for £35/pm



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount total cost £366/pa

Ask AL

Ask AL

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