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  • Virtual Swim Analysis

Virtual Swim Analysis


At Brownlee Fitness, we offer a virtual swim video analysis to help you improve your front crawl technique.  


All you need to do, is send us footage of swimming, either in a pool, or in open water and we'll do the rest. 


We'll review the video of you swimming, from different angles and provide stroke corrections and feedback to help you refine and master your swimming technique. 


With our slow motion playback, you'll learn much faster than with normal pool lessons.


Schedule your virtual swim video analysis today and get on your way to swimming like a pro

Book your virtual swim video analysis and learn which drills and stroke corrections you need to get started on to swimming faster and more efficiently.


Pool and open water swimming videos accepted.


You will be emailed with how to complete the videos and upload them after purchase.

  • How to video yourself:

    Upload one or more clips of your swimming to YouTube or Vimeo (see below for tips on how to share your video just with us), and then send us a link to the clip so we can critique it. Five minutes of uploaded video constitutes about one hour of analysis. Get a complete front crawl online stroke and technique video analysis.

    Here’s what to do:

    Take a video of your swimming with a phone/camera above the water, or gopro below the water and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo,

    The best positioning for your video analysis are in the following 4 camera view points with up to 60 second videos in each view:

    Front view above water - 1-2 feet underwater

    Front view under water - close to the surface

    Side view above - close to the surface

    Side view below - 2-3 feet below the surface

    Make sure when you're filming the swimmer that the camera angle is set to 90 degrees either to the side or in front of the swimmer. Keep the camera as still as possible when filming.

    If you're using a Gopro or your phone to take the video footage you'll need to keep the swimmer in quite close view, i.e. much closer than you would presume. This would be within a couple of feet as the lens viewing angle is quite small, but very clear once in the right position. Try this a few times to test to ensure you get the best view.


    Youtube upload

    If you don’t want your video to be public, choose the Unlisted Video option in the YouTube privacy settings for your video.


    Vimeo Upload


    If you uploaded your video to Vimeo, follow brownlee Fitness on your Vimeo account and select “Brownlee Fitness” under the Vimeo privacy settings page “Only people I choose” option for your video.


    You’ll receive a video stroke analysis and complete front crawl stroke analysis on a google meeting using Dartish video analysis software and technology, with personalised swim drills by email within 3 business days.

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