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Coached Triathlon Training

We’re excited to collaborate with Brownlee Fitness to give Austria Triathlon athletes the ultimate training and racing experience!

For just £35pm the only Triathlon training subscription you will ever need

Introducing Plans+ from Brownlee Fitness.

Plans+ offers an affordable monthly subscription to the full suite of the Brownlee Brothers training programs. Whether you're aiming to tackle a specific distance or race, we provide the necessary guidance directly to your TrainingPeaks Premium account. Choose your objective, and we'll help pave the way to your success.

"Plans+ is for those who like to vary their training or want to focus on a specific race"

Choose from 20+ plans

All the Brownlee Brothers Plans on demand

All in one subscription

The only training subscription you will ever need.

Select a race specific plan

Tell us what race you've entered and we'll build you a specific plan

Train with a specific focus

Want to improve your run speed, bike power of swimming efficiency, select a plan with a focus 

Once completed maintain

Once you've completed a plan or a race you can opt for a maintenance schedule or a specific training focus

STP Dive_edited.jpg



Plans+ offers you access to all the Brownlee Brothers training plans for a low cost monthly fee.



Pay for Plans+ annually and receive a 20% discount 

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