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The Business

Brownlee Fitness is built on 20 years of elite Triathlon and endurance training creating two of the worlds greatest Triathletes - Double Olympic Gold Medallist Alistair Brownlee (OBE / MBE) and Olympic Gold, Silver & Bronze medallist Jonny Brownlee (MBE)

The business is in start-up phase being funded by the founders and about to launch its services to market from

The companies mission is to help people "Achieve More" whatever their sporting level or goal 

The business has been designed to replicate Alistair and  Jonny's training methodology and distill it for a global audience of all levels -  leveraging and enriching the Training Peaks Platform (which has 500,000 unique Athlete visits per month)

Uniquely, as well as providing training plans the business offers membership to a training squad, events, online store, training platform and physical centre (currently in Beta). 

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Business Summary 

Internal Use Only 

Proven, World-Class Training Methodology, Club, Squad and Centre

Designed to help people achieve more

Our Mission

Change Lives

Help people of any sporting level to achieve more 

Create Value 

Build a Global Brand that people value and respect   

Build a Community

That is vibrant, active, caring, with Olympic level standards at its core

Our Focus

& Goals

The business is focused around four core pillars and goals.


  1. Delivering the highest quality training plans

  2. Growing our global membership to achieve £500k revenue inside 18 months

  3. Creating a Squad that works together on a week-to-week basis

  4. Attend events where we extend the brand 

1. Training

Goal: 1000 paid training programmes and moving one third of those purchases to Squad membership

2. Membership

Goal: 2000 paying members from around world communicating and collaborating around the training methodology 

3. Squad

Goal: 400 people actively training as a Squad and competing as a team. 

4. Events

Goal: Attend 10 strategic events each year where we take the brand to meet and greet Athletes of all levels

We recognise there are challenges to achieving our goals


01. Awareness

Reaching the right people i.e. Athletes that have have no structured plan, not apart of a club or dissatisfied with their incumbent training approach. 

We will create awareness through digital marketing, leveraging the existing social base of nearly 400k followers, organising virtual and physical events plus strategic partnerships with brands such as BMC, Wahoo, Addidas, Huub, Tri247, Kask, Hyperise, OTE, & Training Peaks (others to follow). 

02. Differentiation

The Non Professional, Age Group Triathlon training market can broadly be categorised into online training platforms, device specific platforms, clubs and individual coaches. It's a busy and fragmented market. Through simple, concise communication we will centre on the effectiveness of our methodology, the benefits of being apart of a squad, club and supportive community.  

03. Acquisition 

Motivating people to want to invest their time and money in a market where there's an abundance of free, low cost alternatives requires us to price our services to scale whilst representing value to our founders and our community. We will leverage our Athlete communities stories and Alistair and Jonny's progress and success to amplify the difference we make in people's Triathlon journey. 


UK Participation


People registered for events in the UK in 2019. Source British Triathlon

BTF Membership


People purchased British Triathlon Federation Membership in 2019. Source British Triathlon

US Americas Participation


People participated in Triathlon on 2020 across the Americas. Source Statista

Ironman Participation


People on average sign up for an Ironman triathlon event. Source Ironman. 

Average Triathlete Income


Is the average salary of committed Triathletes. Triathlon is an expensive sport with three disciplines to fund.

Source Ironman

ZWIFT Accounts


With circa 45k simultaneous users.

Source ZWIFT

Training Peaks Visits


Unique Athlete visits per month. 

Source Training Peaks



Users and growing at 25% per annum. Strava caters for vast community of swim, cycle and run users. Source Strava

Tri247 Unique Impressions


Unique visitors per month to their online property. Source Tri247

Triathlon Market

Leadership Team

The business has been founded by two of the sport’s most decorated athletes: the Brownlee brothers. The company has been formed based on their 40 years combined experience in the sport, and the coaching team who support them.


Alistair Brownlee

The only person to claim ITU World Champion crowns as a Junior, U23, and Elite, and, more significantly, the only one to ever successfully defend Olympic triathlon gold, his arrival on the circuit reshaped the way this sport is raced.  


Jonny Brownlee

The most decorated Triathlete in Olympic history with three Olympic medals. Olympic silver (2016), bronze (2012) and Gold Relay (2021) Jonny has been one of the most consistent athletes over the last 10 years, notably finishing on the podium in every triathlon from July 2010 to May 2014 – 42 races in a row. A World Champion at Sprint and Olympic distance, Jonny has also won Commonwealth Games medals and been victorious at Super League racing. 

Founder / Head Coach

Mark Buckingham

Mark is qualified to BTF Level 3 and UK Athletics Level 2 and has been coaching athletes of all abilities for over a decade.


Originally a runner, he represented GB in track & field, cross country and mountain running, he took up triathlon quite late at the age of 25 and has raced and trained alongside the Brownlee brothers for seven years as part of the British Triathlon squad.

Business Manager

Richard Downey

Richard Downey is the founder of Blue Carpet Management and is business manager for  Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, Blue Carpet Management is a leading
sports marketing agency specialising in athlete management.

Chief Marketing Officer

Pete Pastides

Pete is a GBR Age Group Triathlete (55-59), with 33 years Marketing experience. 

Pete is responsible for growing the brand, serving our members and expanding the business internationally. 

Chief Operating Officer

Andy Mcghee

Andy is a GBR Age Group Duathlete (45-49) currently ranked 7th in the world. 

Andy is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the business and is a Brownlee Fitness Coach.

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Launching The Business

01. Digital Infrastructure

  • Redesigned website with online store 

  • Set up SEO

  • Created workflow to support onboarding and processing orders 

  • Updated Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube branding 

  • Created monthly rolling editorial calendar 

02. Training Plans on Training Peaks

  • Free 8 week beginner plans for Tri247 

  • All plans moved to Training Peaks 

  • Explore enriching Training Peaks with our own IP / Intelligence / Automations

03. Virtual Training & Coaching

  • Set up & branded  Hamble Center to facilitate ZWIFT & RGT virtual training sessions 

  • Provide members with location for assessments 

  • A base to deliver swim, cycle, run club 

04 .Membership Management

  • Set up CRM and supporting workflow to enable member communication and management  

05. Brand Partnerships

  • Established brand partnerships with Huub (co-branded online store), Wahoo (3 KICKR bikes provided and installed at Center), BMC,, KASK, Hyperise and OTE

  • Next step to organise joint marketing campaigns offering expert training plans 

06. Digital Marketing / Events 

  • Start with welcome video from Ali & Jonny to existing database 

  • Then promote wider across all channels 

  •  Execute weekly social media posts across  all channels 

  • Create bi-weekly blog articles to optimise organic search 

  • Implement paid search 

  • Run quarterly webinars 

  • Produce monthly newsletter 

07. Virtual Summit

  • In the New Year run the industries first virtual summit

  • More information to follow, but this will be a pre-recorded event run over a day delivered with funding and collaboration from our brand partners providing free and paid access to high-value content 

  • The objective to increase our contact base to 40k contacts 

01 - Digital Infrastructure

02 - Training plans on Training Peaks

03 - Virtual Training and Coaching

04 - Membership Management

05 - Brand Partnerships

06 - Digital Marketing & Events

07 - Virtual Summit

Our Immediate Financial Objectives

£5k pm membership

£21k pm Squad

£5k pm Plans

2k pm Store

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