This is an 8-week programme and incorporates some easy runs, sessions and long runs to give you a perfect balance into your 10k.

If you’ve got a target time in mine great, you can use the pace chart to help you along the way. The pace chart gives you a detailed breakdown in the kilometre (or mile) pace you need to get used to running.

If there is not a specific time you want to reach don’t worry, the plan will help you keep motivated and make training fun.


This is the programme for you if you’re new to running and would like to train for a 10km (6 mile) run. To get the most out of the programme you should be able to run / walk 5km (3 miles) in less than 40 minutes, and its advised that you have already completed the ‘Couch to 5k plan’.


This is the programme for you if you’ve already done a 10km or longer and would like to go faster. 


This is the programme for you if you’ve done multiple 10k or longer runs. The interval and tempo sessions are slightly more advanced in terms of the effort level required and you run slightly longer than 10k for occasional long runs.

Plan Cost £50